domingo, 26 de fevereiro de 2017

ORIANA returns to Norway

Yesterday ORIANA made her first call of the year in Northern Europe Åndalsnes, Norway.
ORIANA docked in Åndalsense
Arrving fresh from her Caribbean adventure the snow capped mountains and landscape of Norway  offer a vast contrast to the ports she visited on the other side of the Atlantic where her passengers enjoyed swimming and sunbathing on her open decks while island hopping or sailing up the Amazon river.
Larger than any building ORIANA is still dwarfed by nature
Departing Åndalsnes ORIANA is now at sea and en route to the city of Tromsø inside the Arctic Circle.

Photos Copyright: Leif Johnny Olestad

quarta-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2017

ORIANA returns to Southampton

After 50 nights, a firework send off, a west and eastbound transatlantic crossing and sailing up the Amazon River ORIANA has returned to her home port of Southampton.
ORIANA's webcam view
Having taken her passengers to exotic destinations during their 51 days on board ORIANA returned them during the early hours to a dark and windswept UK.
ORIANA alongside the Mayflower Terminal
Departing again at around 5:30pm ORIANA is now on route to a very different destination to those she has grown accustomed to recently as she heads Norway for a 12 night Northern lights cruise
Passengers brave the cold as ORIANA departs Southampton once mor

segunda-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2017

ORIANA heads for Cape Verde

After exploring the Americas and the islands of the Caribbean ORIANA is now eastbound crossing the Atlantic on route to the island of São Vincente one of the Barlavento Islands which form the Northern chain of the island country of Cape Verde officially the República de Cabo Verde.
ORIANA, the only scheduled ship call this month, will arrive in the early morning on 15th and is due to depart late the same afternoon.
During her stay ORIANA will be docked at the port of Mindelo the largest city on the island.
View of Mindelo, Baía do Porto Grande and Monte Cara
First settled by the Portuguese in 1795 the port would later become a coal stop for the ships of the British East India Company in 1838 later still in 1850 for the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company the future owners of the famed White Star Line.
Despite it's lack of rain and natural resoucrces the island would get caught up in a technological revolution when in 1874 it was connected via Madeira to Recife in Brazil by undersea cable laid by the famous GREAT EASTERN by far the largest ship in the world at that time.
 Departing from São Vincente ORIANA will spend 3 days at sea before reaching the last port of the cruise Santa Cruz de Tenerife. 

domingo, 5 de fevereiro de 2017

ORIANA heads up the Amazon

Following some 'island hopping' in the Caribbean ORIANA is currently heading up the Amazon River for several ports of call in Brazil.
Sailing by the city of Macapa on the way up river ORIANA is on route to Manaus a city whose fortune is built on its rubber plantations.
At 1000 miles (1609.34km) from the sea Manaus is the furthest navigable port on the river and after her long journey up river ORIANA will overnight in the port.
Webcam view as ORIANA makes her way up river
Following her departure from Manaus ORIANA will make two more calls before heading back to sea.
First at the city of Parintins which despite it's remote location is home to the Festival do Boi-Bumbá a local Folklore festival which is the second largest festival is Brazil.
ORIANA will then call at the city of Santarém a historic city which was founded by Portuguese colonists in 1661 on site of  the indigenous Tapajós settlement.
ORIANA continues her passage up river

segunda-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2017

ORIANA's Mexican call

Today finds ORIANA anchored off the Mexican port of Progreso in the state of Yucatán.
 Having spent a day at sea from her previous call in New Orleans ORIANA arrived at anchor at 7:01am local time and was joined around 20 miutes later by Carnival Cruise Lines' CARNIVAL TRIUMPH who anchored alongside ORIANA.
ORIANA and CARNIVAL TRIUMPH at anchor off the coast of Progreso
Venturing ashore via tender ORIANA's passengers are spoilt for choice how to spend their time ashore   from exploring the wharf which at 7km is the longest in Mexico, and reportedly the world, it bustles with the sound of locals coming to enjoy the white sand beaches and clear waters or enjoy the local cuisine in one of the many terraced restaurants.
However perhaps the jewel in the crown, certainly as far as history lovers are concerned are the nearby remains of Mayan cities of Uxmal and Chichen Itza, the mighty structures towering above the ground have for generations inspired all who gaze upon them from tourists like ORIANA's passengers to film makers, writers and even video game developers and each take something different away from these awesome structures.

El Castillo also known as the Temple of Kukulcan makes for an impressive sight when venturing inland.
Departing Progreso ORIANA will spend a day at sea before making her first Caribbean port of the cruise, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Photo Copyright: Manuel de Corselas

sexta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2017

An overnight call in Bermuda

After 5 days crossing the Atlantic ORIANA arrived yesterday at the port of Hamilton, Bermuda where she was joined by a fellow Carnival brand ship in the shape of Curnard's QUEEN VICTORIA.
ORIANA and QUEEN VICTORIA make an interesting contrast
 It is interesting to note that the two ships docked together ,both of which are Bermuda registered, represent two different approaches to the traditional 'British cruise experience' QUEEN VICTORIA offering the service as expected by its international clientele with white gloved service, afternoon tea, royal connections all wrapped in the White Star name, in comparsion ORIANA being just a elegant as her Cunard counterpart offers the exeperince which is more akin with the traditions and/or home comforts that the British themselves enjoy and hold dear such as the afore mentioned afternoon tea, fine dining and also dining options which are more British inspired if desired .
Shortly after 4pm QUEEN VICTORIA departed leaving ORIANA alone for a evening in port.
Far from the winter cold at home ORIANA's passengers have had pleanty of time to explore the historic port including the nearby Royal Naval Dockyard which was in use as a active naval base from 1791 to 1957 now open as a tourist attraction with facilities such as artists studios, cafes and shopping malls among others.
 Having spent 5 days at sea an extended overnight stay in port is most welcome for passengers to enjoy the nightlife on offer adding an extra night time experience alongside those available onboard.
Following her second day in port shortly after 3pm ORIANA's departure preparations began and with all passengers on board and accounted for the gangway was taken back on board and a little over half an hour later her lines were let go.
ORIANA's lines are let go
After several blasts on her horn and with passengers filling her upper decks ORIANA with the tug FAITHFUL nearby edged slowly away from the berth picking up speed as she moved further out.
ORIANA under way
With the traditional P&O sailaway the sounds of the Macarena filled the decks and passengers not joining in watched on from her rails.
Passengers on the foreward decks and one balcony look on
ORIANA's terrace decks always popular during a sailing away
ORIANA will now spend 2 days at sea before she arrives at Port Everglades for Miami where she will again stay overnight.

Webcam feed images copyright: PTZtv

quarta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2017

ORIANA in Praia da Vitória

Ahead of ORIANA's call in Bermuda tomorrow we present some image of her previous port of call Praia da Vitória in the Azores where she called on Saturaday ahead of her 5 day transatlantic crossing.
A relative stanger in the Azores ORIANA tends to call during transatlantic crossings such as her current cruise and when calling is often to be seen at Ponta Delgada on the island of São Miguel the largest in the group and it was only due to heavy seas that ORIANA changed ports of call to Praia da Vitória on the north side of the island of  Terceira which is also where the historical capital of the islands Angra do Heroísmo is to be found.
ORIANA's always impressive bow
ORIANA's distinctive profile makes a welcome sight in port
It was only after 20 years in service that ORIANA made her first call at the port when she was given a warm welcome on the 2nd May 2015 mirroring to a degree the her first ever landfall in Funchal, Madeira just over 20 years before.
ORIANA's drill on her lifeboats and tenders
For passengers who cruise regularly with P&O the call gave them the chance to explore a port they had not visited before.
A group of ORIANA's passengers return after time spent ashore.
While this call was not initially planned ORIANA is due to return to Praia da Vitória on 2 more occasions this year firstly on the 22nd March and  then on the 26th May.
ORIANA's fine stern makes for an excellent view

Photos Copyright Duarte Lourenço/portopraiavitoria