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A Look at "PIANO LAND"

For those of us who had the pleasure of sailing on board ORIANA during her successful 24 year career, we can name and recognise her many and vaired venues and stunning features from her Tiffany glass celling topping the Atrium and waterfall (later living wall) backed staircase welcoming her passengers on board in style to listing to piano music in the panoramic Crow's Nest.
Distinctively British in flavour yet still having an international appeal so how has ORIANA been transformed into the 'exclusively  designed for the Chinese Market' PIANO LAND?
Using photos we have been able to find from her new passengers, and local travel agents today we are going to take a look at some areas of the ship to see what has changed and what if anything has remained the same.
Stairway 2 (Midships) Deck sinage
We begin our look at the very top of the ship on Deck 13 and one of her many standout features formally The Crow's Nest in it's current form as the Zenith Lounge
As we begin our tour we can see very little here has been altered featuring the same furnishings and carpets that were in use during her last 3 years of P&O service.
Still dispalying the same look and feel as it did under P&O, the renamed Crow's Nest still offering stunning vistas
On the port side the former CyberStudy/Crew training room (from 2016)  has become a Multi Function Room gone are desks which once sported computers that passengers could use for internet access instead it takes on the appearance somewhat akin to a meeting room with the majority of the room being taken up with tables and chairs taken from the former Medina Room on the starboard side, arranged faceing each other with other chairs arranged around the outside of the room it also feature a over pull down projector screen on the starboard side and a television screen at the aft end.
Multi Function Room
On the starboard side the former Medina Room now The Astro Executive Lounge  also has seen very little in the way of changes from the ship's time with P&O like it's counterpart on the port side all artwork in the room was removed by P&O.
The Astro Executive Lounge
Moving down to Deck 12 we come to the the former Oasis Spa & Salon alongside the ship's Gym, now just refered to as Spa and Salon like the rooms above on Deck 13 very little has changed from her time as ORIANA.
Spa Treatment Room
Spa Whirlpool
Looking forward in the Gym
Next we come to the Asian Gourment Corner which began life as the Aerobic Disco before becoming the more popular Al Fresco early in ORIANA's career.
Here we find a few minor changes from it's time as Al Fresco, with a newly laid floor and repaneled service counters and surroundings.

Asian Gourment Corner
Heading to the outer decks we come up on the Splash Bar once the Riviera Bar it is now the only large bar on the outer decks since the removal of the Terrace Bar.
In it's P&O days the bar would serve passengers around the adjoing Riviera Pool and Whirlpool spas
Under Astro Ocean the pool has been covered seemingly becoming a stage of sorts for outside performances while the Whirlpools both remain.
The covered Riviera pool
 Heading further aft we come to the largest pool onboard still named the Crystal Pool here very little has changed with the pool or the surrounding area still sporting sculputure Floating by Artist / Sculptor André Wallace.
The Crystal Pool, once the largest on any ship
Next we head back inside to The Lido Café buffet formally The Conservatory it at present retains the look it was given during the ship's 2016 refit.

Custom British or Custom Chinese?
While it is standard practice for a ship changing owners to keep it's overall decor and furnishings even when chaging the market it is operating in most of those ships were designed for the international market to begin with and  require very little in the way of changes to adapt it to a new market, in the case of ORIANA she was designed specifically for the British Market, her decor, layout, room size, varieties were designed to appeal to those senseabilities.
In contrast the Chinese market (or lack of it) is vastly different and to be Custom designed for it as the company and ship managers V.Crew have claimed, the ship would have needed a complete refurbishment throughout something which hasn't happened.
In our next post we continue our look at "PIANO LAND" when we take a tour of her public rooms.
Far from the passengers and market she belongs to.. ORIANA/PIANO LAND at Kagoshim, Japan Photo: Satoshi Ishihara

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Remembering ORIANA's final call in Funchal

Some different aerial views depicting ORIANA during her final call in the port of Funchal, capital city of Madeira, on 7th June 2019, as she was about to set her course bound to the Canary island of La Palma.
She is already cruising in the Far East for her new owners of Astro Ocean International Cruise Co. Ltd, as PIANO LAND, based in the Chinese port of Xiamen, and she is already truly missed in the old continent, and Funchal, where she was a regular visitor for the past 24 years.
Hopefully we will see her return someday...
To view our in-depth post about her last call in Madeira, click here.

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With just 10 days until ORIANA makes her Chinese debut as PIANO LAND for the still somewhat mysterious Astro Ocean Cruise she arrived earlier today in her new homeport of Xiamen.

 A world away from her previous homeport ORIANA as PIANO LAND alomgside her new home Xiamen. Photos: Singapore Cruise Society
Following her departure from Singapore earlier this week she was initially scheduled to arrive in Hong Kong before heading to mainland China however perhaps due to unrest in Hong Kong she made headed for Xiamen instead.
She is due to sail for Hong Kong for her naming ceremony ahead of her 'maiden voyage' on the 30th September.
While there is still very little information regarding Astro Ocean Cruise from the small amount of info we have been able to find we have put together a deck plan showing the ship's new venue names.

From photographs taken on board during her delivery voyage and some taken since her arrival in China it appears there have been very little in the way of changes to the majority of ORIANA's interiors.
The atrium still sporting the carpets and furniture from her final P&O years.
A new name but few other differences for the former Curzon Room/Sindhu
While some work has most certainly been done such as rebuilding the former Crichtons card room as the Twinkle Little Stars Club childrens area and removal of the Terrace bar it appears for the most part her venues have remained pretty much the same with little to no changes.
Some of the ship's other venues have also have retained their names such as Chaplins Cinema  or the two main restaurants on E Deck which have been renamed thier new names are somewhat close to their original names East (Oriental) and Byland (Peninsular) Byland also being an alterantive to the word Peninsula.
For a ship which VShips is claiming is the first "Custom designed for the Chinese Market" it is perhaps surprising that very little on board has been changed, and while ORIANA's design, and fixtures, fittings and finish far exceeds anything else in the P&O fleet she left behind last month (with the exception of AURORA) it can hardly Chinese in any way shape or form.
And of the renamed spaces only the 'Xinghai Theater' ,seen below, Lan Kwai Fong Steak Bar and Silk Road have a Chinese ring about them,

Not quite the Headliners, practicing in the theatre: SeaCruise UK
 With the Chinese Cruise Market being non existent we do not know what the future holds for her and while we do wish her the best of luck we also hope that at some point sooner rather than later she may come under the ownership of a company who will give her the attention she so rightly deserves.
The officers and crew who once cared for her long gone V Ships keep an eye over her systems

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Goodbye ORIANA

After 24 years of calling Southampton home ORIANA as "PIANO LAND" sailed for the last time.
After a week in port and looking somewhat different to when she returned from her final cruise the names of her bows and Union Flag artwork painted out but still visible and the letters removed from below her funnel.
ORIANA no more: the proud letter torn from their rightful place: Photo Andrew Sassoli-Walker
 For her last hours ORIANA was joined by the only ship that was ever able to equal her near sister AURORA who enthusiastically greeted her and the less impressive VENTURA.
ORIANA and AURORA together for the last time Photo: Patricia Dempsey
During the week her estimated date and time of departure had changed several times from the 15th to 16 August but finally at little after 8:30am ORIANA/PIANO LAND began to pulling her lines up and shortly before 9am slipped her berth under the charge of her V.Ships crew her horn sounding 3 blasts AURORA chimed in with a final salute to her former fleetmate with 2 short and 1 long blasts.
ORIANA departs for the last time Photos: Patricia Dempsey
Continuing down Southampton water ORIANA passed near the Ocean Terminal where VENTURA was berthed and the two saluted each other as she passed on.
ORIANA passes VENTURA Photo: Patricia Dempsey
Photo: ABP Southampton
Continuing on her way ORIANA looking as stunning as she ever not looking half of her 24 years.

ORIANA continues on her way Photos:Patricia Dempsey
Making her way out into the English channel for the final time ORIANA throughout the day has varied her speed between a maximum of 18 knots and a minumum of 11/12 knots.
ORIANA out bound never to return
After 24  years we have finally said an emotional goodbye to our dearly beloved ORIANA she is now the charge of another company and heading away from her true home for the last time, she is en route to Piraeus, Greece where she is expected to arrive on Friday the 23rd August at 1pm local time.

Photo Copyrights: Patricia Dempsey, ABP Southampton & Andrew Sassoli-Walker

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ORIANA's Final Voyage: Farewell ORIANA

9th August 2019 exactly 24 years and 4 months from the day she set out for Maiden Voyage  ORIANA returned to Southampton for the last time, after over 2 decades of loyal service to P&O Cruises her days serving the market she was built for have come to a end.
During the last evening at sea ORIANA's first Master Commodore Ian Gibb held a talk in the Theatre Royal recalling his 40 year career which culminated with taking command of ORIANA.
At the end of the talk in the presence of P&O Cruises President Paul Ludlow Sarah Breton ORIANA's last master presented Commodore Gibbwith the Sword which he was presented with at ORIANA's naming in April 1995 and had hung near the ship's reception desk since.
Ian Gibb is presented with the ship'sword, first presented to him in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen in April 1995
And he signed the ship's offical visitor book, which has been with her since 1995  and was first signed by Her Majesty.
ORIANA'S first and last Masters.
All good things must come to an end and the following morning ORIANA's P&O Cruises career did exactly that navigating as she has so many times towards the Isle of Wight ORIANA continued inbound for Southampton.
ORIANA's postion off the cost of the Isle of Wight in the morning.
ORIANA makes a hard turn to Starboard
As ORIANA made her way into a wet and overcast Southampton she was joined by the tug Apex who gave her a water canon welcome echoing her first arrival in 1995.
ORIANA returns for the last time, Photo: Andrew Sassoli-Walker
On board ORIANA passengers gathered on the forward end of Deck 12 above the bridge and the observation deck to watch the final arrival.

Crowds gather on the forward decks watching the arrival.
And so with her escort ORIANA made her way towards The Mayflower Cruise Terminal the terminal she has called home for must of her career, from P&O no welcome home or fanfare but at least ORIANA was safe in the knowledge that she had done the job she was intended for with distinction for 24 years.
With no more passengers to board no more turnarounds to go through her last passengers were able to leave ORIANA at their own pace.
At midday ORIANA moved to Berth 104 ready to begin her de-storing and for her Chinese owners to officially take possession of her.
And while P&O had not given her the send off she rightfully deserved her passengers this last year
To sum up her career and feelings towards her one of her last Deck Cadets Jack Brundell wrote a short poem included with her final cruise log:-

"Farewell ORIANA, with your brillant shine
Your lounges and restaurants, so pretty and fine
Your Guest and Crew, who claim "You are mine"
Thank you ORIANA, we've had a great time

From Lisbon to Bridgetown, Sydney to Cork
You've called into many a beautiful port
The laughter, cheer and wonder you've brought
It's easy to see, the infectious love we've all caught

For now is the time to say goodbye
We'll be forgiven for not hiding that tear in our eye
But don't be upset, and hold back that sigh
Let's raise a glass and end on a high

Farewell ORIANA, you elegant girl
Queen of the seas, the Mother of Pearl
For in our hearts, our love forever will shine
Thank you ORIANA, we've had a great time."

Now all is said and done, P&O have moved on from her and ignored their passengers opinions time and time again we can now say only one thing.
Goodbye ORIANA and thank you.

Photos: Bob Bowler and Andrew Sassoli-Walker

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ORIANA's Final Voyage: Last Port of Call

We have often reminisced about ORIANA's first land fall, that April day back in April 1995 when she proudly  arrived amongst much jubilation  in Funchal, Madeira.
Today bookending with that great day ORIANA made her final port of call in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Docking in the Belfast Cruise Ship Terminal not too far the famous Harland & Wolff shipyard builders of CANBERRA among other great liners and whose future is now also in doubt.

Views from of the Harland & Wolff shipyard and it's two cranes from ORIANA's Promenade and Sun Decks
Throughout this Final Voyage among the passengers on board ORIANA has been a Mr Carl Tian, the Vice President of Astro Ocean Cruise  International along with a group of other Chinese reps and he  has in conversation revealed that the group also has it's eye on Aurora a possible purchase at a later date.
ORIANA still looking every bit the British cruise liner.
And so after a day in port Oriana slipped her moorings for the last time under the P&O house flag.
Like so many times before the beautiful Terraced stern decks turnout for a sailaway party.

Like so many others over years this one of course was different for this is the last time for and her and her loyal passengers.

The last of many sailaway parties.
As ORIANA heads towards home port for the very last time as an era comes to a premature end it is beyond any doubt ORIANA, The First Superliner Built For Britain has single-handedly done more the British cruise market than any other ship, from the outset she epitomised 'Britain at sea' in the era of cruising, and proudly took her passengers whether from the British Isles or beyond to the four corners of the globe in grace and style.
Now all is said and done, and the sun has almost set on her we can say Thank you for the memories, Thank you for the laughs and for the emotions, Thank you ORIANA. 

All Photo Copyrights: Bob Bowler