sexta-feira, 29 de junho de 2018

All Good Things...

...must come to an end, As most will know today P&O Cruises announced that ORIANA will be retired from the fleet on the  9th August 2019 with the following statement.
"ORIANA will be leaving the P&O Cruises fleet in August 2019. Over the years, ORIANA has earned a loyal following and we know many of you have very precious memories of her.
All guests booked on ORIANA cruises departing after August 2019 are being contacted by post and email and we will do our utmost to provide an alternative holiday choice.
We are very sorry for this change but there is still time to sail on ORIANA before next summer or try one of our other ships exclusively for adults such as Arcadia or AURORA (from March next year)."

Unlike with her great 'mother' CANBERRA, ORIANA will not have a true farewell year instead her final year will instead be a shortened version of what has already planned with her final cruise being to NORWAY and the North Cape departing Southampton on the 22nd July.

Seemingly the sale could not be announced until the contract was signed meaning that many passengers have booked cruises on board up until 2020.
Naturally the news has for the most part not been recived well, with many claiming P&O no longer cares what it's customer base is looking for in a cruise.

For their part P&O have been less than clear on the reasons for the sale in one comment they say,
"we are committed to bringing a certain standard across our fleet, and our selling of the ORIANA is to help maintain this. We hope our commitment to customer service comes across and we are sorry for any disappointment this may cause our cruisers." quite how ORIANA's sale can bring a 'certain standard' across the fleet' is somewhat confusing but they continue, "we are sad to see ORIANA leave the fleet' well at the end of the day they are the ones selling her so they can not be to upset.
It is of course obvious to see that main driving force behind her disposal is the construction and arrival of the monstrous IONA and her yet to be named twin.
And what is to happen to ORIANA herself, very little is known at this time except she has been sold to a Chinese company for use in their domestic market, considering the reputation around cruise lines in that market the future does not look at all bright for her.
To end this depressing post we share some moments from her early days when her successful career lay ahead of her.