segunda-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2014

ORIANA's new look

As the end of the year draws near so does the end of an era for ORIANA and P&O Cruises, following in the wake of fleet mate and "half sister" AURORA and foreshadowing the arrival BRITANNIA, ORIANA will receive the new look livery featuring the new look blue funnel with P&O rising sun logo Union Flag hull art and larger blue "P&O CRUISES" lettering on the hull as demonstated on this on board poster featuring the fleet.
Briefly on the 18th December ORIANA met AURORA in Southampton during the wind swept early hours of the morning ORIANA passed AURORA fresh from her refit berthed in the Queen Elizabeth II terminal showing ORIANA what is to come for her.

AURORA docked in Southampton seen from ORIANA.
Provisionally scheduled to receive the new look late next month/ early February along with OCEANA it seems that P&O have started early with ORIANA's crew already repainting the famed CANBERRA inspired funnel blue during her current Christmas/New Year cruise.
 Time to say goodbye...ORIANA's buff funnel proudly illuminated in Lisbon, 15th December 2014.

As is expected when a long standing feature such as a livery is changed it causes a fair amount of discussion among cruise fans and ship fans alike, mostly from cruise fans there has been a fair amount of  praise the new look feeling the older livery needed renewing after its use for over 8 decades, while others mainly fans of the ships them selves are more resereved about the look feeling it is in some ways a loss of  P&O's identity and not in keeping with the lines of ORIANA and AURORA both having been designed with the clean lines not featuring any hull art.
Whatever peoples views are one thing is for certain it can be hoped that P&O sort out the lettering used in the livery otherwise they will end up spending a lot more having them reapplied regularly.

domingo, 21 de dezembro de 2014

A winter cruise with ORIANA

When the cold of Winter sets what better way to escape than on a cruise to warmer climes to escape the pre Christmas rush and this year ORIANA on the 6th December,did just that heading South to the Atlantic Isles and Lisbon,
Thrusting off from the Queen Elizabeth II termianl shortly after 4:40 pm ORIANA headed towards south and out towards the English Channel and towards the open sea like she has done many times over the last 19 years.
As is always the case when boarding ORIANA it is alway a pleasure and no surprise to see that P&O's proud flagship is still looking pristine and well maintained showing hardly any of her 19 years of age. 
Here we share some photos from ORIANA during her cruise beginning with images from the first 3 days at sea on board the most sea worthy of modern cruise liners as she headed to the Pearl of the Atlantic, Madeira and it's charming capital Madeira a journey she has made many times over her career.
 Deck chairs line the deck rails where passengers had spent hours the Atlanic breeze.
The terrece pool closed as the swells start to increase.....
.....Meanwhile some brave passengers enjoy a dip in the Riviera  Pool and it's Jacuzzis.
And a drink is always on hand from the bar.

Even if the sunbathers have disappered from the generous sized decks.
With many passengers getting ready for dinner a few linger on deck to enjoy a beer and wine.
In the late evening sunlight ORIANA's buff funnel makes an impressive sight.
While below decks ORIANA's passenger also settle into life on board.
 The Crow's Nest with it's sweeping views and and ample space always proves a popular choice.
Often from it's full hight windows another ship will come into view such as BLACK WATCH.
While no holiday would be complete without shopping and ORIANA's shops and Photo Gallery make sure passengers take home many fitting souvenirs from their time onboard.
Elsewhere on borad as the first sitting passengers going to dinner have time to admire the culinary delights on offer on board and the read what will be offer the next day either in the Peninsular and Oriental Restaurants or the select dining venues.

With the sun setting and the sea state calming ORIANA's proud bow plows onward through the Atlantic, beyond the horizon lies the first port of call, Funchal, Madeira where a warm welcome awaits her.

Photo Copyrights : Steve Martin