domingo, 28 de agosto de 2016

Reaction to refit announcement

With the affection many of her passengers have for ORIANA it is no surprise that the announcement of the first details of her winter refit have been met so far with mixed reactions.
For the most part the scale of the refurbishement has been seen as positive move showing P&O's investment in ORIANA and her continued service with the fleet for many years to come.
As with all ship's for one reason or another there are passengers who ORIANA doesn't suit and they too have had their opinons such as ' It's a waste of money they should be investing in newer ships' and 'What P&O need is a new medium sized cruise ship rather than updating a dated one.'
However on the whole most reactions have been in favour of the changes with comments such as ' Great news so I will look forward to be on her when she has had her freat makeover' and
'Did a half world cruise on her in 1997 she was new and gleaming subsequently travelled on her 2015 and 2016 she is a proper ocean liner not a floating block of flats' as well as 'Glad to hear of a refurbishment, look forward to my next trip.'
ORIANA drydocked during her previous refit, December 2011
While for some although seeing the refit as an opportunity to improve the on board experience also hope that the planned changes do not change the ship's unique character these concerns stem from the involvement of Richmond International whose work on BRITANNIA has had it's fair share of critics, in relation to   their work on ORIANA's refit one passenger commented  'A smaller clone of BRITANNIA then? Shame! Love ORIANA just as she is'.
Which sums up ORIANA nicely a unique and elegant ship reflecting the liner era and offering her passengers a sophisticated cruise experience which stands apart from the modern trend of mass market mega ships.

sexta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2016

ORIANA's 2016 Refit

Following 5 years since her last refit and conversion to an adult only ORIANA will head on the 25th November to the Hamburg yard of  Blohm + Voss to undergo a 3 week refit and refurbishment.
Along with the standard drydocking required every 5 years and work to overhaul or replace various  machinery as required ORIANA will also recive a complete make over of her bars, entertainment venues restaurants public spaces and cabins while keeping all of ORIANA's unique features.
To quote P&O themselves
"We’re excited to announce that at the end of November, ORIANA will sail to Hamburg to undergo a refit to improve the overall cruise experience for our guests."
Teaming up once again  Richmond International of London who worked on the design of BRITANNIA's publics spaces and cabins P&O continued by saying
 "After listening to your feedback, we’re collaborating with leading cruise-industry architects Richmond on a refit programme that will encompass updates to the cabins, suites, entertainment areas, restaurants, bars and public areas to bring ORIANA up to the high standards that we hold across our entire fleet. We will of course be retaining ORIANA’s most distinctive features, but guests can look forward to enjoying new luxurious materials, soft furnishings and carpets, upgrades to furniture, improved lighting, rich colour schemes and the ultimate in comfort and relaxation."
From the details released so far it can be seen that both the Peninsular and Oriental restaurants will have significant changes made to them including colour schemes and decor.
Concept for new colour schemes, seating and carpets for the main restaurants
Another area annouced today to undergo an upgrade is the passenger cabins which will receive new lighting,  new classically styled lamps, furniture carpets and a compeltely upgraded and modernised bathroom etc.
Cabin concept
As more details are revealed they will be posted on P&O's dedicated ORIANA refit page found here
 We will also post any updates on this blog.
Following her return from refit ORIANA will return to service on the 16th December with a 2 night mini cruise.
Image Copyright: P&O Cruises

domingo, 7 de agosto de 2016

A Club visit for ORIANA

In June 2000 two different aspects of the P&O Group portfolio came together with a visit to the ship while docked in Cartagena, Spain when ORIANA was visited by members of the La Manga Club Golf and  leisure resort which at that time was owned by P&O and located nearby.
ORIANA docked in Cartagena
Joining P&O Chairman Lord Sterling and his wife members of the club were treated to tour of P&O's flagship with lunch included and a plaque presentation in the Crows' Nest with ORIANA's Captain Mike Fatchen (later Commodore of Princess Cruises) presenting ORIANA's crest to a club official and Lord Sterling presenting a model of ORIANA.
 Lord Sterling and guests with Captain Fatchen and officers in the atrium
More photographs from this visit can be found here
 5 years earlier during ORIANA's maiden season while docked in Cartagena Lord Sterling who was often onboard was joined by Chief Officer (later Captain) Hamish Reid and Chief Engineer Marcus James at the resort for a day of golfing, when Lord Sterling left to return to the ship taking the only taxi in the area  the two officers were left to find their own way back to the dockside.
Back onboard ORIANA and much to his amusement Commodore Gibb who was unable to depart without his two officers made an announcement explaining the delay and asked passengers to line the ship's rail and cheer when the two men finally returned!

Photo Copyrights: La Manga Club Archive