sexta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2016

ORIANA back in the port of Funchal

1- ORIANA leaving in final daylight, about the same time as the city's Christmas illumination were litting up.
Yesterday ORIANA was once again in Funchal, capital of Madeira Island, this time for the first port of call of her 16 day Christmas and New Year cruise around the Canary Isles. It was also her first call here after the recent refit in Hamburg, which we have highlighted with several posts in the ORIANA of 1995 blog.
2- ORIANA leaving Funchal for the last time in 2016.
Thus it was already expected to see her with a very fresh look, as good as new, when she arrived early morning after 3 days at sea from her homeport of Southampton.
3- From top to bottom: The Portuguese flag, the British Red Ensign and
P&O's house flag in ORIANA's mast, also depicting a very windy day in Funchal.
4- ORIANA's distinctive and elegant funnel shinning in the afternoon's light.
Her latest call also coincided with the opening of a new photographic exhibition about P&O Cruises, organized by the Madeira Ship Club, in the port's terminal, and her current Captain, David Box, was invited and kindly attended the opening ceremony, showing himself very pleased with the images on display, not only having confessed being a ship photographer as well but remembering some moments of his career onboard previous ships of the fleet such as the VICTORIA and ARTEMIS.
5 & 6- Captain Box visiting the exhibition in the port of Funchal, featuring of course several images of his current ship.
7 & 8- Some valuable memorabillia of P&O Cruises that is also alongside this photographic exhibition.
Then he also visited the Club's headquarters, where he was presented with a plaque depicting the P&O meeting between ARCADIA and his current ship, ORIANA, in Funchal last year, and where he also drunk a glass of Madeira Wine and a piece of the traditional honey cake.
9 & 10- Captain David Box in the HQ of the Madeira Ship Club, being presented with a plaque.
Later in the afternoon, ORIANA departed bound to San Sebastian, in the island of La Gomera, with a significant delay, due to some radar maintenance that was being performed by the crew during the day.
11- The entertaining team dancing at a very fast pace in the Terrace Pool near departure.
12- Christmas decor by some stateroom windows (left) and a tree bellow the ship's mast (right).
13- After a great reception in port, Captain David Box waves in farewell during departure.
After the Canaries, ORIANA will also call in Agadir, Morocco on the 28th, in Lisbon on 30th and will spend New Year's day in La Coruna, northern Spain, before returning to Southampton on the 3rd January.
13 & 14- ORIANA dropping off the pilot and heading southward bound to La Gomera.
 Images (1/2/3/4/11/12/13/14): João Abreu.
              (5/6/7/8/9/10): Rodrigo Freitas.

sábado, 17 de dezembro de 2016

ORIANA's Departure from Hamburg

Below we share a video from the website showing ORIANA leaveing dry dock and heading down the river Elbe 4 days ago
As ORIANA turns ready for her departure she her freshly painted hull made for an impressive sight and with the slight dent to her starboard bow repaired ORIANA again cuts a fine figure of a ship.

sexta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2016

ORIANA returns to service

Today sees our ORIANA return to service as she departs the Mayflower Cruise Terminal heading out on a 2 night getaway cruise to Belgium ahead of her Atlantic Island Christmas cruise.
 As she departs she is following her near sister and fleetmate AURORA in down river.
ORIANA follows AURORA down river

To celebrate her return to service P&O today released some further images of ORIANA showing some of the changes which have been on board including one which will immediately apparent upon boarding the replacement of the atrium waterfall with what P&O calls a living wall.

ORIANA's new so called 'Living wall'
Photo Copyright: P&O Cruises

terça-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2016

In dry dock with ORIANA

With ORIANA's refit complete and having left dry dock heading back down river we take another brief trip to Germany to have a look at some of the work that took place during the refit.
With her hull cleaned and freshly painted ORIANA waits to return to the water.
ORIANA towers over dock 17 as crewmembers return
Alongside the upgrade to cabins/bathrooms and the revitalised public spaces ORIANA has been undergoing the regular dry dock hull inspections which are required every 5 years and cleaning /maintenance including the ship any work required on the hull, rudders, propellors, shafts and seals.
Under a wintery sky and floodlights ORIANA's hull and windows recive some much deserved attention

Details of cleaning work on ORIANA's hull and rudders.
As mentioned earlier in the year during the refit ORIANA's emergency generators have been undergoing a complete overhaul.
From the cruisers perspective the most important changes are to her accommodation and below share some  images from around the ship showing the work in progress.

The Riviera Bar under wraps
The Terrace Bar being revarnished
One of the biggest changes on board is to the decor and ambiance of the dining venues including most noteably The Conservatory self service restaurant featuring a new look, redesinged service stations and new furniture.
The new look Conservatory nearing completion

The service points ready for their first use.

Staying on the Lido Deck we next head forward to take a look at the new look Fitness Centre and Spa.
Featuring renewed flooring the the Gym/fitness area and new look tiling in the spa.
The fitness equipment ready for a workout

The spa taking on it's new features.
Along with ORIANA her self her lifeboats and tenders have also undergone a complete refurbishment having been lowered from their davits soon after arrival in Hamburg for work by UK based subcontractors Nanotech SST.

Work underway on the lifeboats and tenders.
  After two weeks of work the tenders and lifeboats are now safely stowed back in their bays above the Promenade deck as all remaing work onboard comes to an end ready for ORIANA's arrival back in Southampton ready for her resume her cruise schedule.
ORIANA yesterday awaiting her turn to depart for Southampton the following day.
We would like to extend our thanks to Oliver Tall.

Photo Copyrights:
P&O Cruises/Carnival UK, David Gregorios, Tarun Dabral, Nanotech SST.

domingo, 11 de dezembro de 2016

ORIANA returns to the New Year's Eve in Funchal in 2018?

ORIANA welcoming the year 2011 in Funchal.
According to the website of the port authorities of Funchal, ORIANA is scheduled to make her return to the great gathering of cruise ships in Funchal for New Year's Eve on 2018/19, eight years after her last presence in this festivity.
Ready for her first ever New Year in 1995.
Nevertheless it will be the first time she will arrive in the evening, due to 10 pm, then overnighting in port and leaving late in the afternoon on 1st January 2019, instead of spending the full New Year's Eve day in Funchal. Her large fleetmate, VENTURA, is also scheduled for that day, arriving early morning and departing after the famous fireworks display.
Berthed in Funchal during New Year's Eve in 2004
Altought the occasion being still too far distant, if it is indeed to happen it will be the 11st New Year's Eve that ORIANA spends in Funchal. Her first New Year ever, she welcomed in this port, from 1995 to 1996, and afterwards she returned in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2010, making her the most regular P&O ship in recent history calling during this day, even surpassing her predecessor CANBERRA, with 9 calls made between 1980 and 1996.
Seen during her last 2010 New Year's Eve in Funchal, hopefully until 2018!
Images (From Above): 1st: Sérgio Ferreira. 2nd and 3rd: Nuno Jesus. 4th: João Abreu.

sábado, 3 de dezembro de 2016

ORIANA's refit up close

Today we take a look to Hamburg's  frozen dry dock 17 and at some of the work going on board ORIANA.
ORIANA towers above the dry dock floor.
With shipyard workers and contractors working round the clock to ensure ORIANA is back in service for the 16th December the ship bustles with activity while most of the public rooms all passenger cabins and much of the ship's technical systems receive a makeover and upgrade.
The outward calm contrasts with the hive of activity on board
On board from stem to stern workers are busy about their assigned tasks from stripping seating from the Theatre Royale laying new carpets in the dining venues.
A quiet moment in the Theatre Royale
Work continues in Atul Kochhar on board restaurant Sindhu
To complement the new look of ther dining venues ORIANA will feature all new menus inspired by the ports she has visited over the last 21 years.
Elsewhere the public spaces will take on a new look with new designer carpets and soft furnishings.
The Pacific Lounge and  atrium with dust and dust covers
While the work is on a massive scale and is without doubt the largest refit she has had to date P&O have made sure that all the changes preserve the original feel and key features of the spaces and the ship herself so that returning passengers embarking will instantly feel at home when stepping on board.

Photo Copyrights: Charlie Brown/