segunda-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2018

ORIANA departs Hamburg

Yesterday amidst grey skies ORIANA departed from Hamburg sooner than was expected and is now en route to her home port Southampton ready to re enter service tomorrow.
With a tug at her stern ORIANA edges out of dock.
After 21 days in dry dock ORIANA finally afloat in the River Elbe. 
Members of ORIANA's crew on her terrace decks Photos: Jens Hagens
At an average speed of 17 knots ORIANA is due to arrive in Southampton at around 8:45PM where she will be docking at the Mayflower Cruise Terminal.
With ORIANA returning service earlier than expected she will depart tomorrow on a 12 night cruise to the Atlantic Isles and Portugal calling first in a faviourte port of her's Funchal, Madeira before heading down to the Canary Islands full details on the cruise can be found here:
Two further replacement cruises will see ORIANA heading back on the same itinerary for a further 12 nights  and a 2 night city break cruise to Bruges, Belgium,
ORIANA looking as good departing Hamburg as new Photo: Schiffe,Mx & Co

quarta-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2018

More images of ORIANA

Straight from Germany we share some more images of ORIANA from her drydock.
 ORIANA with the wintery Hamburg behind serveing as her backdrop, Copyright P&O Cruises/Carnival UK
Alongside the technical work taking place as seen below ORIANA is also undergoing some more cosmetic 'treatment' seen here with her bow crest.
ORIANA with her anchors lowered and work being carried on her crest
ORIANA towers over a crewmember
 And as with other photos taken during the drydocking  there is pleanty of time for posing underneath ORIANA's stern with her mighty propellers as seen below.

ORIANA once again provides a dramatic backdrop
 With even her current Commander, Captain Derek Gray stopping for a photo or two.
Captain Derek Gray and Food & Beverage Crewmember Rijil Madhav
Photo Copyrights: Rijil Madhav

quinta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2018

ORIANA in drydock

Continuing with images from ORIANA's crew today we share some images from the drydock floor focusing these photos from crew member Aquilino Chavez.
Normally below the water line ORIANA's port rudder and propellor serve as backdrop to some of her crew
Far from the biggest but ORIANA's propellor still makes quite the impression
From this point of view which is rarely seen it is easier to see the form of ORIANA's steering and propellor arrangement.
ORIANA's starboard propellor and stern thruster. Photos Copyright: Aquilino Chavez
With work continuing apace ORIANA looks set to return to service on schedule ready for her Northern Lights cruise, which has become something of tradition for her over the past 4 years.
ORIANA in Andalsnes during a previous Northern Lights cruise. Photo Copyright:Paul Crane

sexta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2018

Images of ORIANA in drydock

Today we take a quick dockside look at ORIANA from Hamburg's drydock 17 as we share some images of the ship undergoing maintenance.
ORIANA illuminated in Dock 17
 While looking at ORIANA 'high and dry' in the dock it gives something of the sense of scale and work involved with ship maintenance.
Views fore and aft below the waterline. Photos Copyright: Bharat Yogi

With over a month remaining until ORIANA returns to service her crew have been moved from their own cabins into the passenger accommodation for the duration of the drydocking.
ORIANA looms as cleaning progresses on her bow, Copyright: Julius De Lima Turallo
ORIANA towers above Dock 17, Copyright: Hamburg Blider

domingo, 7 de janeiro de 2018

ORIANA arrives in Hamburg

Following her departure from Southampton yesterday morning ORIANA headed into the North Sea and maintained a steady speed of around 18.5 to 19.5 Knots and by around 2pm today ORIANA approached the town of Cuxhaven on the entrance the River Elbe.
ORIANA approches Cuxhaven
Passing the entrance she slowed to 13kts to navigate the Elbe.
ORIANA from a distance
 Continuing up river throughout the remainder of the afternoon, slowing as she did, ORIANA arrived in Hamburg around 6:30pm local time.
Being assisted by a tug ORIANA made her way to Blohm + Voss yard drydock 17, the dock which she was refitted in back in 2016, where she slowey edged her way into position before the dock gate was floated the dock pumped dry.
ORIANA entering drydock
Under the dock's floodlights work on ORIANA begins

sábado, 6 de janeiro de 2018

ORIANA back in Southampton

Yesterday afternoon at around 2:00pm ORIANA arrived back at her port of Southampton.
Originally scheduled to arrive this morning the change most likely was bought about with ORIANA's upcoming required technical work.
ORIANA was due to depart for Hamburg and the Blohm+Voss shipyard at 10:30am and got underway at around 11:10am heading down Southampon Water at 6.5 knots.
ORIANA seen on AIS departing the Mayflower Terminal
ORIANA is due to arrive at the Blohm +Voss yard tomorrow evening at around 6:45pm local time where she will enter drydock for over a month of technical maintenance.
View from ORIANA's webcam passing the QEII terminal and VTS tower.

ORIANA is due to return to Southampton on the 24th of February.