quarta-feira, 22 de julho de 2015

20 years of souvenirs

When a new ship enters service it is inevitable that passengers will be hunting for souvenirs of their time on board and ORIANA is no different from her early days in service with passengers collecting Maiden voyage/season passengers memorabilia to her passengers today picking up a momento of their time on board.
And it can be surprising to see some of the items that have been collected over the years many of them undoubtedly interesting memories attached here we look a small collection of  items from the ship over the past 20 years.

ORIANA Maiden Season Cabin keycard. 

From many the excitement of being on a ship during her inaugal year or for those who are lucky enough the Maiden Voyage itself is considered a once in a lifetime experience so it is no surprise that Maiden Season memorabilia is a must such as these below.

ORIANA ladies hand mirror

Maiden Season leather strap watch
A lot of the memorabilia also helps to remind of the jounrneys and adventures which were had on board such as the log of the cruise and the set of menus from the cruise.

VHS and more recently DVD's have also be items collected on board to form a last impression of the cruise and of ORIANA herself in the first years of her career several VHS tapes were sold on board looking at various aspects the ship, ORIANA From Dream to Reality looked at ORIANA's construction while passengers on her Maiden Voyage had the option to order a tape looking at the cruise which was sent to them when it had been edited and printed.

VHS video tour of ORIANA
With the advent of DVD more content is available and up until 2006 ORIANA: The Cruise Experience, a DVD looking at different aspects of cruising on board the ship.