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Comparing first impressions

Continuing on from our post several weeks ago,  today we are looking at the difference in between the look of P&O Cruises New builds and ORIANA.
As announced last time we are looking in particular at the 2008 built Crown Class VENTURA and occasionally her 2010 built sister AZURA.
To begin with this week we will begin to look at the interiors of the 2 vessels, to see how the P&O style has developed since 1995.
In order to do this we will compare several different areas on board VENTURA to their ORIANA counter parts
We will begin the first of these posts by comparing the first impressions that passengers get when boarding each ship with the structure which forms the heart of each ships accommodation -the atrium.
For many the atrium is an important addition to a passenger ship as serves not only as a crossroads through the ship but also as the introduction to the ship and it’s on board style.

 On board ORIANA the atrium takes the form of a spiral shaped staircase ascending through 4 decks from decks 5 to 8 where it is topped by an elegant art deco glass themed ceiling which lends its name to the coffee bar located surrounding the top landing of the staircase the Tiffanys coffee bar.
Behind the staircase the wall of marble mounts a waterfall which runs the full hight of the atrium.
Each level of the atrium is also named Deck 5- Garden Court, Deck 6-Queens Court, Deck 7-Royal Court and Deck 8- Tiffany Court  

The lower level of ORIANA's atrium on deck 5.

The Tiffany styled glass ceiling above the atrium staircase on deck 8 .
On board VENTURA the atrium although on a larger scale than ORIANAs is a three deck high structure which has a staircase on either side which tier down the levels and is crowned by a glass ceiling which is lit from above with colour changing lighting.
  View of VENTURA's atrium form deck 5.
Both offer similar services with a similar coffee themed bar Tazzine serving as an equivalent to ORIANA's Tiffany's being located at the bottom of VENTURAs atrium a feature carried forward to newer sister ship AZURA where an almost indistinguishable venue is Java is located with the port side of the upper level of the atrium being a bar area.
Java on board VENTURA's sistership AZURA.

The overall design while attractive has changed little from its counterparts on the original Princess Crown Class ships the only real differences being in terms of décor.

At each level the atrium on both ships there is on offer a selection of the shipboard services such as shops on board ORIANA the shops are smaller boutique styled shops located on decks 6 & 7 respectively as can be seen the image below of the deck 7.
On board the Crown Class VENTURA there is something more akin to a shopping Centre feel around the shops with their polished floors and bright airy open plan, even being marked as Shopping Centre on the in cabin television map . 
 The deck 5 shop from VENTURA.
On board ORIANA the atrium is located just aft of the forward stairway and lifts being it being a matter of short walk to reach them in comparison the atriums of the Crown Class are located directly forward the midships stairway and lifts creating a small lobby area for 6 lifts two of which glass fronted offering views out over the atrium.

 A view looking down VENTURA's atrium showing the two glass lift shafts.

Photos Copyright :P&O Cruises & Steve Martin  

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