terça-feira, 18 de abril de 2017

Celebrating ORIANA - A Call at Gibraltar

Leaving the romance of Casablanca behind her ORIANA next arrived at Gibraltar on the 18th April, for her British passengers a home away from home.
Entering the Gibraltar strait at 6am and boarding the pilot shortly after ORIANA continued her course where she arrived at her berth at 9:01 am.
For many the cruise offered the chance to explore a little of 'Britain in the sun' as many refer to the Gibraltar, from it's history including the evactation of many of it's citizens during the second world war to popular UK highstreet shops and the duty free merchandise available to purchase the port had a little of everything to offer.
However for one couple the port was  to serve as the venue a special day.
Being UK registered it was not possible to be married on board, it would be over 11 years before ORIANA's first wedding would take place but on this Maiden Voyage ORIANA had her first on board honeymoon.

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