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ORIANA's Future- More details

While details relating to ORIANA's future beyond P&O have been hard to come by we can now reveal details about her new owners, a new cruise company formed as a joint venture between the China Ocean Shipping Group Company also known as Cosco and China Travel Service (CTS).
While it maybe a poor or mistranslation the new venture's name appears to be Twinkle Travel Cruise.
ORIANA is due to leave P&O in early August 2019 and will be arriving in China to begin operations for her new owners in mid September 2019
While we don't know if this new venture is related to or is one in the same as the mystrious Oriental Fleet Cruise 01 Ltd who ORIANA was transferred to in July this year it was comfirmed as expected that since July she has been bareboat chartered to P&O in order to complete her cruises up to August next year.
It has also been announced that neither the venture or it's joint owners will be taking care of any of ORIANA's operational requirements either in terms of the ships navigation and technical systems or Hotel services instead she will be crewed and operated by V Ship Leisure who will be expanding to China to support the new venture speaking about taking on responsabilty of ORIANA V Ship Leisure Director Per Bjornsen said,
"We are very pleased to have secured the contract to handle the technical and hotel management of this cruise ship after the redelivery next August."
He continued, "We are proud to build on our legacy in the cruise sector, as the first ship manager to create a separate company for cruise ship management and now becoming the first manager to set up a fleet cell in China for cruise operations for both technical and hotel operation."
Alex Iley, business development manager and Per Bjornsen, director, V. Ships Leisure on board ORIANA
 While Per Bjornsen and his team maybe looking forward to taking over ORIANA's running it can be noted that V.Ships Leisure has something of a reputation for it's cost cutting  and a 'slap dash' approch to ship managment and is infamous in shipping circles for it's less than examplery  practices.
It is assumed at this time very little in the way of changes will be made to the ship as the short turn around time between her leaving P&O service and entering service in China.

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